Beasty Bombs - Cats & Dogs Fights

How to play ?


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Current version
1.0 beta 1
2012-03-20 17:11

1.0 beta 1
How to play ?


Items mostly are powerups. They are hidden in boxes. You have to destroy these boxes to find items, then you can grab them on the ground of the game area.
There are 5 kinds of items. You can easily identify the kind of an item with its border color.

Item kinds

Those items are basic powerups. They will allow you to drop more bombs, move faster...

Super powers

Those items give new capabilities. They will allow you to walk through walls, kick bombs...

One bomb at a time

Those items change the type of next bomb you'll drop. Once this bomb has blew up, you'll be able to drop another bomb with this type.

All bombs
Those items change the type of all bombs you'll drop.

Bad ones

Usually, you will try to avoid those items.

Items list

Bomb up

Allow you to drop one more bomb at a time.

Speed up

Make you move faster.

Power up

Increase power of your bombs.

Power max

Max power for your bombs.

Line bomb

Press twice action 1 key (the one you use to drop bombs) and you'll drop all bombs you can in front of you.

Bomb kick

Walk to a bomb to make it move.
It doesn't work with the Bomb pass item. How can you hit a bomb you pass through ?!

Bomb launcher

Drop a bomb while you are moving and it will be launched in the direction you walk.


If you don't move, other players won't be able to pass through you.
Two players with this item won't be able to pass through each other, even if they are moving.

Wall pass

You can walk through walls! Actually, only through ones fire can destroy.

Bomb pass

You can walk through bombs! You won't be trapped anymore!

Power bomb

You can drop a bomb with max power.

Tracking bomb
After a short activation time, this bomb will try follow the closest player it can detect. Use at your own risks!

Pierce bomb

Fire of this bomb won't be easily stopped.

Bouncing bomb

When this bomb moves and hits something, it goes back to where it comes.

Remote bomb

This bomb won't blow up until you press action 2 key (or unless it's hit by fire).

Speed down
Make you move slower.

Default key mapping

If you don't change your controls, you will use those keys :
  Up Down Left Right Action 1 Action 2
Player 1 Up arrow Down arrow Left arrow Right arrow End Next
Player 2 E D S F R T
Player 3 I K J L O P
Player 4 Mouse : move your mouse cursor close to your player, he will follow it. Left click - (num. pad)

Beasty Bombs - formely known as BoOmberMan - is a free online multiplayer flash game. Beasty Bombs is a Bomberman clone.
Bomberman is a game from Hudson. Beasty Bombs is not affiliated to Bomberman neither to Hudson.