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Current version
1.0 beta 1
2012-03-20 17:11

1.0 beta 1

2012-03-21 - BoOmberman becomes Beasty Bombs

After almost 6 years we dit it.

New version of game client and server are finally online.

We could list you all the bugs we fixed and features we add but we'd need some hours..
Enjoy to discover and test them.
One thing you need to know : you can now moderate a room when you created it or when a room admin give you its power.

We changed the name because we're planning something big we've already started to work on. Beasty Bombs will be great and we hope you'll enjoy it.

For now let's play !
2012-03-20 - Almost over

Today : last tests
Tomorrow : ...
2012-03-15 - Upgrade in progress

BoOmberMan is currently upgrading and will come back soon better than ever.

Stay tuned.
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2011-06-16 - Next in BoOmberMan

Work in progress...
2011-05-28 - Work in progress

Next in BoOmberMan...
2011-05-20 - Next in BoOmberMan

Work in progress...
2010-05-07 - RIP BoOmberman ... :'(

Unfortunately we have to announce you something we tried to avoid last years desperatly.. It's time for us to move on with our live and get new objectives.
4 years we started this adventure and finally we did it (kargal did :P) ...... THE ITEMS EXPLANATION PAGE IS ONLINE!
You thought we were running away i bet. NO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
We're working hard to build the ultimate bomberman gaming experience on the net and it's coming! We just started closed tests on the last room setup features and it works really well (it crashes all time long)
So it will be great! it will be big! it will be magnificient because WE are great, we are THE webgame dreamteam (Fara come back !)
What a teasing! I'm (vaporware xD) teasing man i know
Have fun playing and see you soon on the next release!

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2008-12-09 - BoOmberMan off for a week

You wonder why boomberman website has been off for a week ? Well... database has been heavily cleaned :P

Accounts, news, forum messages and mailing-list has been lost.

You know what you have to do !
1. Create a new account to be able to post messages to the forums !
2. Subscribe (again) to the mailing-list to be warned for new releases !
3. Play BoOmberMan to have fun !

Beasty Bombs - formely known as BoOmberMan - is a free online multiplayer flash game. Beasty Bombs is a Bomberman clone.
Bomberman is a game from Hudson. Beasty Bombs is not affiliated to Bomberman neither to Hudson.